A Bundle of Careful Compromises, 2013 Outriders Winner

I’m immensely pleased to have been named a co-winner (along with Linda Stern Zisquit) of the 2013 Outriders Poetry Project Competition for my book, A Bundle of Careful Compromises. The book will be published by Outriders in Spring 2014.

Here’s some info from the University at Buffalo’s English department Facebook page:

UB English graduate student, Jacob Schepers, has won the 2013 Outrider’s Poetry Project Competition for his book, A Bundle of Careful Compromises.

Jake describes the work as a “series of prose poems, elegies in name, that interrogates scientific and medical jargon. Loosely following the hospitalization of a dying patient, the book tracks the bombardment of this specialized language keeping the patient, rather than the disease, at bay.”

Outriders Director Max Wickert calls Schepers a “brilliant young newcomer.”


I’ll be sure to keep posting updates and book release details.



One in ten Icelanders will publish a book. As one young author tells the BBC, it can indeed get competitive. “Especially as I live with my mother and partner, who are also full-time writers. But we try to publish in alternate years so we do not compete too much.”

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I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.

John Cage (via itsquoted)

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“Spitting on Germans” in PANK 8

This one snuck under the radar: I completely forgot to make a post for my poem “Spitting on Germans” in this recent print issue of PANK. Track it down and get your hands on a copy.

Check out The Common (Online)…

… because, as an addition to this stellar journal, my poem “Browning” has appeared as a dispatch.

New Poem in Spittoon 3.3

“Elegy for the Compos Mentis,” another prose poem from my elegy sequence, lies within the pages of Spittoon 3.3: “Disintegration.”

“Prevalence” in The Conium Review

The Conium Review 2.2, which contains “Prevalence” by yours truly, is now available for order. $12.00 for 187 pages worth of new and compelling lit, so grab a copy if you feel so inclined: